1. I need to learn to be kinder to myself.


I have missed writing these journals, last week was quite hectic and a bit challenging, I do not think I handled it properly because I tried to punish myself badly for not knowing somethings thereby forgetting that it is okay not to know everything 😩😒.

I was a bit laid back last week when it came to building the habits I wanted, but I kept laying my bed every morning though😁. I did not cycle as often as I was supposed to, neither did I read atomic habits nor completely keep up with intermittent fasting. I have come to realize that it is okay to slack off but what is not okay is to remain laid back. I have dusted myself and I want to continue from where I stopped.

Going forward, I am going to be more consistent in writing my journal, taking lots of water, taking care of myself, cycling as often as I can, keep up at work, continue to grow my personal brand, pray as frequent as possible, communicate with my loved ones, buy some nice things😁😁, spread love, eat what I enjoy while watching the portion as summer is around the corner 🌼, keep learning, growing, and studying.

May my lines fall in pleasant places and also for you who is reading this!❤️

Grateful for

  1. I am grateful for having the courage to try things especially the ones that scare me the most
  2. I am grateful for the company I work for and my colleagues
  3. I am grateful for people who always encourage me, thank you ❤️

Action items

  • [ ] Try to finish up work-related task for tomorrow
  • [ ] Learn how to use my new studio setup box/equipment